Triple Bottom Line Series: A Look at the Economic Impacts and Financial Concerns of TBL Businesses

By Sustainable Business Network of Greater Phila (other events)

Tuesday, February 25 2014 8:30 AM 11:30 AM

Business can be a strong catalyst for positive social, environmental, and economic change. By educating businesses on the triple bottom line and ways of its practical integration into their everyday operations, we aim to change the nature of business in the region through the Triple Bottom Line Series, consisting of three mini-conferences, plus a day-long event in the fall of 2014.

Each mini-conference will highlight one aspect of the triple bottom line (economic/financial, social/community, environmental), and will culminate with a day-long conference event at the end of the year.

The series will take place at the Impact Hub, a meeting space devoted to supporting businesses working to make a difference in the Philadelphia region.

Opening Session:

Hear from Nicole Marquis, Owner of HipCityVeg about her experience running an emerging TBL business, including:

  • How HipCityVeg delivers on the Triple Bottom Line.
  • How operating as a TBL business impacts HipCityVeg’s financial bottom line.
  • How operating as a TBL business impacts HipCityVeg’s workers and surrounding community.
  • Round One Breakout Sessions:

I. Meet Investors’ Circle, a network of angel investors who seek financial, social and environmental returns on their investments. Hear from Investors’ Circle on the type of investments they seek, and find out whether angel investment is an option for your triple bottom line business.

II. Explore the practical aspects of making your business more socially and environmentally responsible. This is the perfect workshop for entrepreneurs new to the triple bottom line and looking for tangible ways of incorporating TBL principles into their business models. Hardik Savalia, of B Lab, will engage with attendees on the following topics:

  • What is the triple bottom line?
  • How can your business adopt TBL practices?
  • Why should your business be involved in this broad and growing movement?

Round Two Breakout Sessions:

I. Learn what sustainable investing means and how your investment portfolio can generate triple bottom line value for your business, your personal assets, and your employees! Panel moderated by Jennifer Anderson, Principal and Co-Founder, Resonate. Panelists:

  • Laura Kind McKenna, Managing Trustee, Patricia Kind Family Foundation
  • Lara Coviello, Managing Partner, Auctus Wealth Management
  • Harvey C. Sacks, Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

II. Learn about how to value your business in a workshop lead by Michael Cunningham of Hempstead & Co., LLC. Topics will include examining the value of your business based on its income, its assets and the sales of similar businesses. Topics will include:

  • Why and when you should value your business.
  • Initial steps to think about in valuing your business.
  • Examples of what some triple bottom line businesses might be worth based on recent market transactions.

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